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We Vote Daily with Our Money

Sara Bronson

Eight years ago the entire world was rooting for and felt uplifted by a man who gave us hope! He promised to do his best! He spoke intelligently with genuine compassion about his commitment to make things better. ”Yes we can!" His swagger, when coupled with his demeanor, gave us confidence that he could lead us through the murk left by the retiring Republican president. 

Also eight years ago the Republican Party publicly announced their commitment to block anything President Obama wanted to do in an attempt to ensure his presidency would go down as one of the worst in history. They set the tone for the buffoonery going on today.  The Republican Party set the tone for Donald Trump eight years ago, and they should be ashamed and apologetic.

Our future is not an athletic contest to be won at all costs. There's no room for any demoralizing "locker room" banter.  We do not need a leader who dismisses anyone who doesn’t look like him. We do not need a leader so completely self-absorbed. How did someone so fear-based rise to such prominence? 

I wake daily to the news outlets and entertainment channels driving the rise of this Republican candidate with continual and excessive media time. Headline after headline and lead story after lead story is something ridiculous the Republican candidate has said. No matter how rude or insulting the comment, they continue to give it media headlines. Even those that do so in attempt to shine a light on the ridiculousness have given him prominence. 

As a parent do you encourage bad behavior or put it in time out?

Donald J. Trump isn't trying to make America Great...he’s trying to make America Hate. 

He divides and conquerors with Fear and Hate. He is determined to win at all costs, winning not because he aspires to be a great leader, but because he has to win to keep his narcissistic ego happy.  Losing is not an option for Mr. Trump….except when it comes to losing large sums of money. 

For those who think Mr. Trump will help the lower or middle class because he’s a good business man...think again. A good business person does not lose $900 million dollars. A good business person doesn't go bankrupt three times. That debt doesn’t just get erased, it has to be paid by someone, and that someone is all of us. It’s called Trickle Down Economics. While he gets richer and avoids paying taxes, you and I and any vendors he screwed along the way are left paying his tab.

As I continue to reflect on the past eight years, what I see is this:

The Obamas have given us eight years of inspiration and solid hard-working leadership against tremendous odds. The Obamas have led with elegance, intelligence, and a commitment to values steeped in love, respect, compassion and a deep belief in the goodness of humanity. They've modeled excellent family values and have shown an unwavering regard for their personal partnership and the roles they each play.

Love cannot be penetrated by Hate.

Election day isn’t the only day we vote. We vote every day with our money. Where you choose to spend your hard earned currency is a vote for that business. You support that business’ ideals, their culture, their participation in the community and our nation. With each purchase you are saying, "Yes, I want your business to succeed."  Money is not what holds the power; the power is in how YOU choose to vote with it. If you live in a Trump building you vote for him. If you buy anything owned by ANY Trump corporation—steaks, shoes, hotels, casinos, golf courses, anything—you are voting for this man and what he stands for.

As you look at voting in November, I encourage to you start looking at how you vote today. Vote wisely with the hard earned dollars you spend. If Trump wins this election, you’ll have less dollars in your own pocket as he will make sure more of them go into his.

What do Michael Jordan and I have in common?

Sara Bronson

We are two weeks away from one of the most transformational workshops you’ll attend this year.

Here’s something you may not know.

The ability to generate financial freedom is like learning a sport.  You have to learn how to play the game and perfect your skills in order to win.  I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed”. Michael Jordan

A key behavior that separates people who have money from those who do not - is the practice of knowing exactly where their money comes from and where it goes in real time.  Not the daily bank balance, but exactly where they’ve chosen to spend their money and where their money comes from.

My own money story has been a journey.  As a young, single mom I struggled trying to build life for my family; I woke up one day deep in debt.  The game changer came at the advice of my bankruptcy attorney.  He sat me down and shared that too often people don’t change their habits and end up right back in his office.  He advised me to model the behavior of people I knew who were successful in their relationship with money.  This started me on a similar path that great athletes and success people use - a commitment to consistently training and repeat the steps that build a healthy relationship with money!

It all starts with having a money management system.   If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner this is the most important step to  growing a successful business - your money management system.

Money management wasn’t taught in school.  Not only was it not taught in school - - - what was taught is that money management is hard and best left to the “experts”.  The 1% who control most of the financial wealth in the U.S would be very happy if we all continued to think managing money isn’t something we can, and need, to learn!  This played out story coupled with media influence that wants us to spend unconsciously and continue making decisions that keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Take that first step today to making 2016 the year you build a healthier money relationship.  Click here to join me on May 4th for the DIY Bookkeeping Workshop for Entrepreneurs.


Your partner in financial success

P.S. -  Please forward this to a friend or colleague who could benefit from this workshop.