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Transforming your relationship with money







  • You love your business, but are too stressed to enjoy your success.

  • You work hard, and yet you have no idea where the money goes.

  • You see a stack of unopened bills in the corner of your office and feel the stress of mounting paper.

  • You lie awake at night worrying about money and the future of your business.
    Does this sound familiar?

Bringing calm to chaos

Sara J Bronson and Associates will help you transform your relationship with money from chaos to calm. Learn how to go from managing your finances on hope to confidently knowing how your money flows; whether you have hundreds or millions.  Learn what is at the core of your financial decisions and how to make choices that truly align with your dreams.

Our services offer a unique blend of practical financial tools and money coaching to help small business owners and entrepreneurs move from financial chaos to calm control. After 30 years in this business, we have seen how our educational approach to discovering and understanding each person’s money story allows company owners to:

  • develop a new and improved relationship with their money

  • become fluent in the use of financial accounting and management tools

  • implement professional accounting tools and departments

  • create, document and follow a thoughtful, intentional business plan

Small business is the heart of the American dream and economy, employing 64% of all new jobs.  Yet many businesses fail due to lack of sound financial management.  Sara J Bronson & Associates' mission is to improve the success rate of the small business through our unique financial literacy services.  Business owners gain confidence in managing their business by building a healthier relationship with money; improving both their sleep and their success.

You can learn how to have a healthier relationship with your money.

Our dedicated team of money specialists work with business owners in a wide variety of industries locally, nationally, and internationally.  Our programs and services are rooted in an educational approach,  implementing professional accounting departments for business start-ups, expansions, re-organization and maintenance.  When combined with our money coaching program, business owners gain the skills they need to unlock road blocks to unhealthy habits and beliefs that impede the ability to make sound financial decisions.  The results are calm confidence in making financial decisions informed through practical tools that measure and manage success.

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