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Sara J Bronson is committed to changing the conversation about money, turning the topic from dread to delight.  

After graduating from Indiana University, Sara J. Bronson relocated to Seattle, WA and began her 30-year career focused on laying financial foundations for entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, and corporations seeking to expand or restructure operations. As an early adopter of first generation computer and accounting software systems, she built her career serving businesses locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, implementing accounting departments based on her entrepreneurial acumen.

 In 2010, with a certification in Integral Coaching from New Ventures West in San Francisco, Sara J Bronson & Associates was launched to bring a unique form of accounting services to small business.  Sara developed the Conscious Wealth Programand started listening to her clients with a coach’s ear. And what were they saying?

“We’re not ready to sit down with you.”
“It’s going to look terrible.”
“I’m so embarrassed.”

Sara realized that there was a critical emotional element to financial planning and management. It was the elephant in the room, and it was preventing business owners from prospering and enjoying the fruits of their success. Why didn’t clients want to talk about money?  

Shame. Guilt. Doubt. The fear of being judged. She realized that these feelings created huge resistance, development of unhealthy financial habits, and the myth that none of us is smart enough to manage our own money. Clients repeatedly said:

“I can't afford an accountant, bookkeeper or financial coach.”
“I guess I'll take care of this at tax time.”
“I'll manage my money when I have some.”

Sara is committed to changing the conversation about money; turning it from chaos to calm, from dread to delight. Her mission: to empower business owners to change their money story by offering a potent blend of accounting services, money coaching, and workshops that transform the wealth mindset.

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